Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mugen: Venom

Venom is really one of Spider-man's greatest foes. He's not interested in stealing or ruling the world. His only true goal is to kill Spider-man. The truth is that I think that Venom is a great example of how people are. What I'm getting at is that Venom is really two beings who hate Spider-man each of whom hate him for no really good reason. They blame him for what happened to them when in my opinion it wasn't Spider-man's fault. Venom has appeared in every Spider-man animated series since 1994 and they managed to keep his origin consistent. The 1994 version is most like the comic book and the current version in Spectacular Spider-man more closely resembles the origin told in the Ultimate Spider-man comics. Originally, Venom is Eddie Brock, Peter Parker's rival in news journalism, and an alien symbiote that Spider-man wore for months thinking that it was just a costume and not alive. Eddie Brock hates Spider-man because he exposed Brock's biggest story as a lie. If I remember correctly, Brock wrote a story saying that he knew who a villain serial killer called Sin-Eater really was but Spider-man captured him and exposed Sin-Eater's true identity. Brock lost everything as a result...his job and reputation. Of course he blamed Spider-man for his losses. The costume hates Spider-man because when Peter Parker realized that his new threads weren't threads, but a living being that wore him when he was sleep and was attempting to permanently bond to him, he rejected it. Put together, Venom thoroughly hates Spider-man, has all of his powers, plus the powers of the sybiote (tendrils, near physical invulnerability), does not set off Spider-man's spider-sense, and adds Spider-man superhuman strength to Brock's peak-human strength making Venom stronger than Spider-man. I think that there are a lot of people in real life like Eddie Brock. People who would rather blame others for their mistakes rather than take responsibility. I have found four versions of Venom for mugen.

Venom Mugen Versions



Juan Carlos889Download
Big Eli989Download
Infinity Mugen Team889

Venom's mugen incarnations are great. Here is my video:

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