Thursday, April 2, 2009

March Updates and Releases

Volzzilla has again put together a lot of research for what was released and updated in the MUGEN community during the month of March. Here is what he has shared.


Stage for Mr. Sinister

To see in action:

To see in action:

Nightcrawler’s Cathedral
To see in action:

Apocalypse themed Stage
To see in action:

Operation Genosha

To see in action:

Character updates

Empawk updated Symbiote Spider-man

Rorschach by SeanAltly, updated AI patch by kamekaze

Character release

And finally, what is obviously the biggest release of the month, Nightcrawler by Twinimage, plus corresponding stage.

Fantastice release of a character that might be one of the most comic authentic Mugen characters ever with how he moves in general, sound, special moves, everything. To learn more, check our review here:

April Teasers

Too many to list, but keep an eye out here as we will bring you everything Scruffy Dragon Productions, Infinity Mugen Team, SGM’s Amalgam Project, and anything else from the community has to offer as soon as we know!

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