Friday, April 24, 2009

Mugen: Sinestro

Every iconic comic book hero character has a villain whom is just as iconic as the hero. The more interesting villains are like flip sides of the same coin minted as the hero. For Green Lantern, that arch rival has to be Sinestro. Over the years there have been many back stories, even several Green Lanterns, but he remains fairly consistent: egotistical, evil, and powerful. Here is a links with more information:

There are two versions of him for mugen. One was created By GM.Spectre sprites for the D Fighter game and an updated version by Mogon, McCready, Larramones and Buyog. This post will only cover the updated version.

Sinestro Mugen Versions



Mogon, McCready, Larramones and Buyog868

This version has been released 04-24-09 and as Buyog has mentioned that it's not complete. Despite that these guys have managed to turn out another character that is fun to play with! For this video I only showed the special moves because it's not complete yet. My favorite move is when he uses his ring to make a cage around his opponent. That's really fun. You should check this out.

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