Monday, April 27, 2009

Announcing a brand new Mugen team with a unique vision to integrate new Mugen characters from:
- Marvel comic universe
- DC comic universe
- Image comic universe
- Video Game Iconic characters

You can watch the premiere video for their website here:

When you take this link:
You will see character WIPs for:
- Two unique versions of Spawn different from ER's edition
- Toxin
- Hyperion
- Hellboy
- Dr. Strange
- Spider Carnage
- Shocker
- Dr. Manhattan
- Samus Aran
- Quasar
...And this is just the beginning.

Team CVG consists of:
- Spooky77: Webmaster, founder, coding, and sprite editing
- Fallen_Angel: Lead programmer
- bdcirck: Coding
- Fredgerd: Sprite editing
- shinrahunter: Graphics lead
- Hollow Boy: Graphics
- Dragonesku: Screenpack and stages
- Hyperion76: Coding and sprite editing
- Thunder Wolf: Sprite editing
- BiGPiMP: Sprite editing
- Nameless: Sprite editing
- Electro: Sprite editing
- Black Ops: Sprite editing
- Amon-Ra: Sprite editing
- Rod: Coding
- Master Yoda: Stages

There is a fully integrated chat system attached, as well as plans for incorporating a video game community through Xbox Live, PSN and things along those lines.

And did I mention prizes? Spooky77 has plans to figure out a way where forum members can win prizes worth $10. This will happen with various things, whether it be in regards to leading up to planned releases, or through contests he has planned.

Hope to see you at soon!

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