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Volzzilla's Mugen Reviews: Iron Lantern by tenchimuyo4ever, Sic-1, and Twinimage

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This is the character that started it all for the Amalgam: Age of Superheros project. Tenchimuyo4ever had started this character WIP before there was even a project and this inspired Sic-1 to look him up to start said collaboration. Tenchi did all of the sprites, of which there are a lot done by freehand. Sic-1 and Twinimage handled the coding side of things. Because this character was the basis of starting it all off, this is why he was saved for the final release of the group's guest portion of Scruffyversary.

Obviously from the look, you can tell he is a combination of his DC and Marvel counterparts to form this Amalgamation. I like it and how he gave him a hovering stance to separate things a little more. He has some intros to correspond to these guys which are interesting, but I wish the volume on his sayings there were turned up a little bit more. The AI is interesting, sometimes he puts good use to his hypers, and sometimes not. But he does a good job implementing his specials though.

I love all of his basics, even took the time to show them off in the training mode portion of this video. They are very imaginative. And in case you do not know about this character's Amalgam history, basically he has a set of armor that works similarly to a Green Lantern ring, but focuses mainly on making technological constructs whenever needed. This theory is put to good use in the basics as stated before, as well as with the special and hyper moves.

- Repulser Beam: Similar to an Iron Man beam attack, but with a GL feel
- Weapon Master: Constructs 3 different guns to attack, dependent upon the button selected
- Magneto Envy: Creates a magnet that fires a charge at the opponent to pull them close for additional attacks
- Emerald Charge: Charging attack, both from air and ground
- Teleports: Can teleport to either side of the screen, depending on the button selection
- Armor Hyper: Pulls out the heavy artillary
- Emerald Drill: Constructs a set of armor with some powerful drills for attack
- Sonic Charge: Very powerful charge attack
- Airforce Assault: Creates a large flying machine to attack with either bombs or lasers

There are a couple little issues. The current readme has some of the attacks listed wrong, so use:
Emerald charge: (QCB + K)
Airforce assult: (QCB + PK)
Tenchi has stated this will be adjusted soon for when the download home is moved back to SGM. In the discussion on the release, he has also stated that some of the code numbers for attacks might be tweaked as well. The main thing I saw was every so often (I think during Magneto Envy usage by the AI), he will either disappear to the top of the screen or the bottom for a time. But usually he comes back after awhile. I might be mistaken as to when this happens, I just know I saw it a couple times before making this video.

In short, very creative character and I admire all the freehand work that Tenchi put into him to make him stand out. This character finished off the Amalgam showcase for Scruffyversary very well.

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My score: 8

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