Sunday, June 14, 2009

Grudge Match: Superman vs Sentry

Okay, I know Sentry could be dismissed as a Superman knockoff but I think that's harsh and unkind considering that Sentry could be considered one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe. I wanted to see how the MUGEN versions of the characters would stack up. In my opinion, Superman would beat Sentry in a fight. I staged a computer-controlled fight in MUGEN.


  1. Honestly, I think Sentry would kick Superman's ass. As much of a fan I am of Superman, I admire Sentry's over powered powers, but Superman couldnt be the Hulk in a figh, and Sentry is the closest one to beat him, Hulk is the strongest character in the Marvel Universe (my opinion seeing as he can get as strong as he wants because his anger has no limit)but Sentry is obviously number 2, he is the only one who has been able to beat a "fully powered Hulk" to a stand still, although i know Hulk can again get as strong as he wants, sentry stopped him from getting any stronger, and not even Superman could do that in his fight, but again thats my opinion (there may be some spelling mistakes that i did not catch, either i dont know how to spell that word, or my keyboard missed a letter)

    1. Supes already beat hulk...twice. In the last DC vs Marvel, and in the first instalment back in the golden age. Thats when he beat Savage Hulk. One of Sentry's powers is he projects an energy that calms down the hulk. Thats the only reason he can go toe to toe with the hulk. Take that away, and he is a puddle on the ground.

      and FYI, Hulk is not the strongest being in Marvel. Celestials, Silver Surfer, The Beyonder just to name a few.

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    1. ooooh.. U are so smart...

  3. It's funny, the game changer in the Mugen game I think would be the game changer in the fight. Not only does Supes have to deal with Sentry, but he has to deal with the Void. The void snapped all the Hulk's bones like it was a practical joke. All them shadowy tendrils would take out all of Supe's will power, as well as all that solar energy he keeps in his cells. Then probably kill him.

    During Dark Avengers the Sentry was "killed" like three times and he just came back to life. The only reason Sentry died in Siege was because because he asked Thor to kill him.

    The only way Supes has a chance of living is if he can figure out that he needs to mess with Sentry's head. Talk him into submission, and take him out while he's down. So if Supes decides he's in a punchy mood, he's not going to make it out alive.

  4. The sentry all the way. he ripped a "GOD" in half. came back to life and has another overpowering being inside him. As far as i know, sentry doesn't have a weakness.

  5. WYEELLL...... Supes never really went full out due to all of his mental system of checks and balances. He did destroy planets and stuff