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Volzzilla's Mugen Reviews: Onslaught by XsLaught

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This is the second recent character release by XsLaught as part of launching his on website. That said, he handled all of the sprite editing and ripping in this case, as well as the coding for him.

This is primarily an update to adjust his previous version. The look is the same, and the sounds are mainly the same and done so to be as true to the original MvC version as possible. There are a number of intros that have been put in for various characters, and I think Serious Cat will be helping XsLaught with more. They also helped him with the numerous and colorful palettes for him. The AI is very strong, as a Boss character should be, so expect to get your butt handed to you often until you figure out whatever strategy works best.

The moves are all relatively the same as what you are used to, however this time, you can actually control the Sentinel when you summon him. But when this time is up, you shift back to original control of Onslaught.

(The previous video was released by XsLaught as part of the character release.)
*Specials, Form 1*
- Sentinel Force: Calling in Sentinels to attack
- Sentinel Assist: Striker attack from a Sentinel
- Hyper Grav: Grabs opponent
- Magnetic Tempest: Blasts chucks of metal at opponent
- Teleport: Alter Location
*Hypers, Form 1*
- Magnetic Shockwave: Energy attack
- Hyper Mind Blast: Powerful mind blast attack
- Sentinel Summon: Take control of a Sentinel to attack with. You then have full access to the Sentinel's move set.
*Specials, Form 2*
- Sentinel Force: Calling in Sentinels to attack
- Claw Crush: Strong punch
- Rushing Arm: Rush attack with clawed arm
- Hyper Grav: Grabs opponent
- Mind Blast: Blast from mind
*Hypers, Form 2*
- 3 Mind Blast: Three blasts of psyonic energy
- 5 Mind Blast: Five blasts of psyonic energy

This character is different from your standard character because he is meant to be a boss character. So do not expect your standard kicks and punches. And depending on what you want in an AI from a character, it might be pretty tough to fight against him. My main issue with him is some of the commands. For some reason, a couple of the special/hyper commands are not very receptive. If you are ready for a different kind of character, then that issue with the responsiveness is the only problem you may have with a pretty solid character.

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My score: 9

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