Friday, June 5, 2009

Mugen: Iron Spider-man Preview

There is a version of Spider-man in his Iron Spider costume that I have been alerted to is being developed. Please check out a preview video on YouTube. Please read his comments below from the page:

my new and first wip the iron spider it took me about 2 weeks and i have done the punching in standing
i done walking jumping backwards jumping forward jumping up intro abit and stance also crouch so much more to be done any says?

i put the dn angel theme song because it sounds cool

This is one WIP that looks very promising to me!


  1. not ONLY is it a crappy video, but it had a GARBAGE song and the sprite work is HORRIBLE..

  2. Does the term "Work-In-Progress" mean anything to you?

  3. The cybernetics arms need more works, but its a cool char . I hope to see more!

    Why a japanese music on spiderman? xD

  4. Don't forget the Japanese Spider-man television series.