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Volzzilla's Mugen Reviews: Etrigan by WuCash

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This is one of the greatest Comic Mugen characters ever made, so special thanks to WuCash who handles both the sprites and coding. Especially since it was such an extensive job, as this character is absolutely packed, but we'll talk about that below.

Where to begin? His look is amazing, as he not only looks unique for Mugen, but is a dead ringer for his comic counterpart. The sound is just as good, so great work by ShockDingo on the vocal talents. The AI is really good too as he puts up a good fight and utilizes all of his special and hyper moves (which there are a ton of) in his fights effectively.

For those of you that do not know, the comic Etrigan knows a lot of magic, and this was fully taken advantage of in his Mugen creation. You have a total of 12 hyper spells you can cast. However, there is further cutting edge stuff going on with those moves as you can only use 3 per round, and you can never use the same spell twice in a round. That was a brilliant idea by WuCash.

- Fireball: Shoots a fire ball at the opponent
- Teleport: Teleport 6 different ways around the screen
- High Flame: Anti air flame attack
- Low Flame: Standard flame attack
- Flaming Charge: Charging attack
- Air Fireballs: Throws multiple fireballs in succession from the air
- Hellfire: Blast of fire from Etrigan's mouth
- Wind from Hell: Stronger fire projectile attack
- Demonic Presence: Hyper chain attack where you transform into a stronger demon
- Amalgam: Change into his Amalgam counterpart, Speed Demon for a multiple attack
*Hyper Spells*
- Dancing Blazes: Fire summon attack
- Freezing Blows: Ice attack
- Sinner's Pain: Powerful spell projectile attack
- Demon's Sacrifice: Give up 1/5 of life for full power meter
- Stone Guard: Calls up a stone shield that will hit the opponent every time the rocks come into contact with him
- Hollow Speed: Increases general speed and attacks
- Go To Hell: Calls forth a demon to pull the opponent to hell
- Dead One's Might: Heal spell
- Eye of Cyclone: Wind spell attack
- Thunder Serpent: Lightning attack
- Gift From Hell: Explosion attack
- Evil Spirits: Fires an evil spirit at the opponent and leaves him dizzy

This character is awesome and if you do not have him, go download him now. The only minor issue one might have with him is that some of the commands are difficult to pull off for some people. Other than that, which might not affect you anyway, this character is perfection. Awesome job WuCash!!

You can download him at:

My score: 10

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