Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mugen: Megatron

I consider Megatron one of the most evil characters in all of fiction. He's in every way just as powerful as Optimus Prime. He really lives up to the name Decepticon. He will fight dirty. He will cheat. Ultimately nothing matters to him more than ultimate power and his own life. My most primal memory of Megatron is the fact that because the original toy transformed into a realistic gun, my mother would not let me have it. I would also submit that Megtron's presence defines the Transformers. Without him, the stakes for the franchise is not high enough. What's cool is that Megatron shows up in almost every single incarnation of the franchise.

The Good news is that Megatron is in MUGEN and He is fun to play. Here is video putting Megatron throught its paces.

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