Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fighter Factory Ultimate Released

Whats new:
- Improved Interface
- Performance is incredibly superior
- Less memory consumption
- Possibility of opening up to 12 chars in the same window
- Almost all functions accessible via shortcut keys
- The Esc key closes a window
- Customizable (possibility to enable or disable some recursor, usually messages of confirmation)
- Possibility to hide the panel of the editor to increase the space
- Format of the programs for chars (all except in a single file with compression - average 50% reduction)
- Zoom up to 8X
- New system of languages, much lighter and faster
- Test of char in MUGEN improved
- New organizer
- Confirmation of overwrite in all operations to save

- Possibility to comment a line, unchecking a check box (for snd valley, st, intro, ending, states and palettes)

- Customizable background image
- Movement of the image according to the zoom
- Buttons to go to the next or previous group
- Option palette of the image does not change the previous image
- Function optimize for DOS and Win Mugen
- Cut and optimize all the images 1000x faster than the previous version
- Axis-shaped buttons on adding sprites
- Ruler on one side to increase the space
- Export and import a whole SFF (own format and SprMaker)
- Possibility to save the current image, all, a group of images, range images of a group
- Image Editor

- Inclusion of the editor of pallets in the main window
- Increased floor area
- All functions apply to both the image and the char palette, chosen by the user
- Possibility to choose whether he will replace the palette or the image to adapt it
- Enhanced Function mask
- Just click on the image he selects the color without the need to activate an additional button
- Effects RGB Hue and improved, with the option of applying or permanently reset and ignore the changes
- RGB Effect will not work for value and dragging the Barrinha
- Option to replace a color by clicking it twice
- Function that puts gradient in the range of selected colors
- Removal of duplicate colors in the palette
- Generate optimized palette for the image
- Inserts in palette images with option to use the Clean PCX
- Generate optimized palette from multiple images
- Movement of the image according to the zoom

- Display of real-time transparency in the editor
- New alignment system, equal to the SFF in order to standardize and facilitate the use
- Movement of the image according to the zoom
- New system for generating animated GIF (positions and scales the image correctly, not cutting the feet or the head like before)
- Preview of sprites on thumbnail for rapid creation of animations
- Resizing and repositioning of CLSN 1px directional buttons at once by

- Allows you to set the group and add sound
- Conversion of bitrate and number of channels made by the program
- System for enhanced Resample using the library LibSampleRate
- Display information on the correct sound WAVE
- Find sound
- Delete Group
- Possibility of individual sounds Resampler
- Possibility to save the current sound, all, a group of sounds, range of sounds of a group

- Display list of states with number and name
- Allows to navigate the state by double-clicking an item from the list
- New syntax coloring
- New editing system (standard in the text editors)

- System auto complete with support for functions with parameters (shows possible options or monitoring the switch current)
- System auto complete with the addition of SCtrls from a shortcut key
- Templates for SCtrls
- List of StateDefs
- Editor of PalFX
- Viewer Offset
- List of Vars

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  1. FANTASTIC! My buddy, Reza, had mentioned this a while ago. I'll definitely be checking it out. hopefully it won't overload due to systems resources being low at times..I occasionally get that error message