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Volzzilla's Mugen Reviews: Syumatyan/Shuma Gorath by ゴマ and Sludge

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Another character that was originally from MvC2, and now customized further for you in Mugen. The initial coding and sprite edits were done by Sludge, and then updated further by ゴマ.

He has the same standard look that you are used to from the original game, and the same can be said about the sound, although it can be a little garbled at times. If you kill an opponent with the Chaos Dimension hyper, you will get some additional graphics. The AI really stands out as you can set it to 4 different settings to customize how you see fit.

All of his moves seem accurate to the character and his general abilities. I would like to see a few more magic things given his comic history, but that is neither here nor there. Given the nature of the character, the basic moves involving movement fit the weird physiology. For the most part, the moves are easy to pull off, and responsive, except for the Clone Shower attack.

- Arching Spike Ball: Ball attack in the air
- Rolling Spike Ball: Ball attack from the ground
- Energy Drain: Drains energy from opponent to add to own life
- Mystic Stare: Shoots explosive eyeballs
- Air Rock: Turns to stone and crashes onto opponent
- Separation Anxiety: Fires multiple spike balls at opponent
- Clone Call: Fires miniature clones at opponent
- Clone Shower: Drops a multitude of spike balls from the air
- Eye Laser: Energy blast attack
- Chaos Dimension: Sends the opponent to another dimension for a devastating attack

There is not really much wrong with this character at all. However, I'm not a fan of the dash forward and dash backwards moves as seem to not go far enough. the main thing about this character is that he just isn't sexy enough. What I mean by that is, not many people cared about him in MvC2, and that is the same today in Mugen. And it does not help that his comic character is not flashy either. But if you can get over that general perception, he is pretty cool to play and against.

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My score: 9

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