Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Grudge Match: Batman vs Punisher

Let me completely candid: I don't think of the Punisher as much of a hero and is no way on Batman's level. That's not to say it would not be an entertaining battle to see Batman fight the Punisher, However. The truth is I believe Batman would punish him. Humiliate him. No problem. I did a quick Search and found out that there are some fan-made "Batman vs Punisher" short films. Some of them are pretty good. Take a look:

I decided to stage some fights in Mugen. I wasn't sure which version of Batman to use so I picked my top 3 favorite versions. As for Punisher, I used ApoCaLySe's version.

Infinity Mugen Team's Batman vs Punisher
Spiderbat's Batman vs Punisher
Alucard's Batman vs Punisher

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