Friday, June 26, 2009

Mugen Release: Omega Red v0.6 by ZVitor

Char #9, This is my contribuition to DCvM Project, all my other releases are v1.0, I call it 0.6 because is missing 4 important stuffs: one more special, one more hyper, a linked hyper and Amalgam hyper and another stuffs like throws.
My second son will be born on next week, thats the reason of my first beta release, i will take a time away from mugen, so i need fast bug report to fix before sunday. More info about this Omega-Red wip here:
Omega Red by ZVitor – Infinitywiki

Special thanks to Wucash, he made Trans Siberian a great stage to Omega Red.
Stage and this Omega are exclusive from DCvM Project.

Download Omega Red and the Trans Siberian stage for him here:

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