Sunday, June 7, 2009

Volzzilla's Mugen Reviews: Custom Iron Man Z by 1%

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We were all graced by an under the radar release of Iron Man Z recently by 1%. I am assuming he did all the codes and sprites as there were no other names listed, plus the documentation was all in another language.

He is obviously edited from open source Iron Man sprites, but 1% did a great job in making the character his own while at the same time making you think what would have happened if Tony Stark was actually a Tokyo businessman. Why do I say this, check the sounds. They audio comes in very crisp and clean, including the spoken parts, its just I have no idea what he is saying because its in Japanese.

I love the moves he has going on as it seems like most of them were customized in some way or another. I wish I could go more indepth about them, but I cannot follow the little documentation there was, so have to go solely off what I can see visually. So that said, I'll save those discussion bits for the video annotations. But so you know, there are a lot of unique things going on and I love it. Fortunately, every move was shown except for a grab and charge attack where he takes the opponent on a ride across the length of the stage before slamming in a massive impact.

There are a couple issues going on. As stated again, the readme and .def files do not help at all, so you have to figure out all the moves on your own. This is even more difficult as apparently he is a 3-button controlled character. Maybe for some of you that is no big deal, but to me, I've never dealt with such a thing, so I felt a bit out of place gameplay-wise. In fact, there were some moves that I hve no idea how to do because of this configuration. I'm also not a fan of his walk animations, both forward and backwards, as he just seems like he's going in slow motion.

I like the character a ton, even with those minor things and I wholeheartedly recommend to you all to download him as soon as you can.

You can download him at:
...look for ''

My score: 9

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