Monday, June 15, 2009

WIP Focus: Morph by The Anvil and Acey

1) So how did you decide upon bringing Morph to MUGEN?

Well basically, I was a huge fan of the animated X-men show back in the `90s. I wanted all the X-men from the team on that show, in the MvC series, we already had the majority, the only remaining were Prof x, Beast, Morph, Jean and Jubilee. Obviously Beast has been taken care of and very well. There are a couple Jean's and Prof X's floating around and always WIPs of them on various forums, I thought I'd take care of Morph (and later Jubilee) myself.

2) Please share your thoughts about his general comic back history and about the character in general.

He's not got a huge comic back history actually, he was known as Changeling in the early X-men comics. He was killed off in the comics and was used on the show `because he was essentially a blank character. I think he is a great character; he was really funny and made me laugh. He has an awesome mutant power... Possibly the best you can possibly have. Also, you've just got to love that suit ;).

3) So tell the readers what bases you are using for the character and for the various moves themselves. This is probably more complicated due to his shapeshifting capabilities I'd imagine.

His main base was Iceman; I think I did a good job making him unique from Iceman though; he has some very funny and unique moves. Because of his morphing I used absolutely loads of bases for the character though; this ranges from John Talbain to Norimaro, and Zangief to Servbot.

4) How is the progress going on Morph?

His sprites are finished now, we just have to play the waiting game now and have him coded. However, there is much more left to do, as he is essentially 4 characters being coded into one, so something like that will take time.

5) What has stood out the most during the creation process in a positive manner? What has been giving you the most trouble?

Because of the characters mutant powers, I've been able to be incredibly creative with the moves and everything. He's a goofball so I made sure that was incorporated into the character and without making it too over the top. I'm really happy with a certain intro ;). What gave me the most trouble was having to redo all his sprites, I sprited the character to start with, based on the action figure design. So I wasn't happy with that and decided to revise all the sprites making them all more true to the TV show.

6) I have read on Wikipedia that Morph has some minor telepathic and levitation abilities. Will you be incorporating any of those things into some of his special moves?

Morph does have some minor telepathic and levitation abilities, although that's not really the same person, it's the one from Exiles (which will be making cameos in the character). I wanted to do the character how Capcom would have done him.

7) How exactly will his morphing ability work in regards to the various special and hyper attacks you have planned?

Without revealing too much how I have approached the character, Acey had the idea that he could morph completely into existing X-men characters, these will include Cyclops and Wolverine. I will say this though about his basic attacks: He uses his morphing powers in his basic attacks (to enhance his damage and stuff), he has some pretty cool moves, but I didn't want it to feel like you weren't playing as Morph.

8) Do you have any special plans in regards to intros/exits with any other characters?

I had originally thought about Sinister. I also pitched the idea to Acey about a special Intro with Beast, which would be dialogue on Morph's part.

9) Is there anything else about the character that we have not covered that you would like to share?

Let's just say that Morph has an evil side to him ;).

10) So what are your general thoughts on beta releases? Can you give a possible timetable on a beta to release and/or a goal for the full release?

By the end of the year you should have Morph in your personal MUGEN. I know that's a long way off, but he could be ready in the next couple months. But at the latest, the end of the year he will definitely have a release.

Thank you for your time.

If you would like to more about this character:

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  1. morph is looking pretty good, anvil is actually my buddy and he's doing great on it so far