Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Survive This: Rhino

Rhino is a good character for MUGEN. I understand that there is another version coming out soon, but this one is fun too. I decided to try it out in Survival mode to see how many characters I could beat up on a single life.


  1. interesting, although your BGM is off putting and I haven't the foggiest as why you used a crappy joker and homer...you KNOW there ARE better versions out there, Joker by the SD Team and Homer by Warner

    what is WITH people using these crappy versions of existing, superior characters?

  2. I have a deck of over 1000 characters and some of them are the same character by different creators. Survival This - have opponents chosen by the computer at random. Also while you opinion is noted and important just because you think a character is "crappy" doesn't make it crappy.