Monday, December 28, 2009

CVG Christmas Day 5 Redux




The Longest...


Day 5 (and 6, and 7, ) has finally concluded as after all the issues, the main event has finally dropped. Hope you enjoy them and our XMas event. Discuss Day 5 here!

We told you something big was coming, and now it finally has! Overcoming numerous technical issues, the main event of our Christmas Release Party is finally available. I am positive you will think it was well worth the wait. To find the download location and discuss their release, take this link: Batman and Batman Beyond Beta released!!

Third time is the charm right? LTD adjusted his original Day 2 stages to where 2 do not have fog and this time came up with something custom made for the others. To find their download locations, go to: LTD Re-releases 4 Hi-Res stages...Again?

Special thanks to Dr.Acula and TwilightPhoenix0402 for allowing us to now host two of their stages for our event. To find their download locations, go to: Now Hosting 2 Hi-Res Stages

Los Tha Don releases a new style of Hi-Res stage that he intended to give the limited perspective it has. Find it at: LTD releases Tunnel Vision stage

Trexrell is proud to reveal to of his latest WIPs to you today. The first is Madman, a character first conceived by Image comics, but later found a home at Darkhorse. The next I am sure you will all know, Azrael. To discuss either of these new projects, click their image above.

Discuss CVG's Christmas, Day 5 here

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