Tuesday, December 22, 2009

CVG United's Christmas Event, Day 2

What a great start to our event yesterday. Even though he is an early beta version, Hercules is proving to be very popular. Really looking forward to what the future has in store for him. aa250 already did a great update on Magneto before, but this latest version is even better. And that was a great video preview by Spooky of his new Superman WIP. Also, deanjo2000's WIPs really look great and there is a definite interest by all here. Finally, Jor El's update to the Green Lantern stage, Ground Zero really made it a whole lot better. See whats going on today below and to discuss all this, take the following topic link:
A CVG Christmas, Day 2

Back during our Preview Week event, we were fortunate enough for Topper to agree to include this great looking character into the Crisis in the Mugen Multiverse project. Today he is making the official WIP topic for her here while showing off an amazing animation. This is coupled with news concerned help from Trexrell and Yin will happen. Check it all out at:
Hawkgirl formally announced for the Crisis project!

Now announcing the latest WIP by the team bringing you Vixen, real life couple Trexrell and Yin...Tomb Raider, Lara Croft. Yin has done most of the early work so far, but expect her to get some help and for Lara to be refined in much the same way Vixen progressed. And so you know, when you take the discussion link on her, you will see a preview of a special move to expect. In a project that includes an emphasis on video game icons, she is sure to fit right in. Click the animation above or go here:
Lara Croft by Yin and Trexrell

So Team CVG has noticed lately a lot of our general forum members dabbling with creation a little bit. In an effort to provide some of you with a possible direction in that regard, we are here to announce a new forum WIP. Basically, forum members will get together and work on whoever. The pics above are just a few of the options to vote on. Click one of the images or take this link to see the rest and to make your voice heard on who you should work on:
Forum WIP Announcement

As many of you are aware, Zvitor kicked off the holiday season with a massive update to his Aquaman. Well, special thanks to him for allowing him to not only now be hosted here, but also be used in the Crisis project. But that is not all added to our download section. A new forum member, Girlfriend's Lil bro posted a couple really nice looking Hi-Res stages not long ago. We were fortunate enough for him to allow us to host those as well. Download Aquaman by clicking his image, but to discuss all this and find the GLB stage download locations, click the image of them above or follow this link:
Now Hosting Aquaman v1.5 and Hi Res stages by Girlfriend's Lil Bro

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