Saturday, December 19, 2009

WIP Focus: War Machine by McCready and WuCash

I recently had time to speak with McCready about his War Machine work in progress. The following questions are asked by me in bold, and his answers will then follow.

1) So how did you decide upon bringing War Machine to Mugen?

I thought: "Oh, this will be fast to make!" What I did not expect was that my plan to just turn the torso into War Machine´s and making new specials and hypers would turn into making an entire new character with all new basics as well. Hahaha

2) Please share your thoughts about his general comic back history and about the character in general.

He is great! At least was in the past, but I don´t follow comics much anymore.

3) Beyond the obvious bases, can you please tell the readers what other bases you are using for the various moves and such for him?

I really use any base that I find that has the move I like. Ironman is the main reference, but I also used, Cap America, Dee Jay, Guile, and a few others.

4) May I ask how the progress going on War Machine?

He has got a lot done on the sprites, but not much on code.

5) What has stood out the most during the creation process in a positive manner to this point? What has been giving you the most trouble?

The most trouble is that I had to restyle him twice. The most fun is creating the new weapons for him.

6) One of the great things with Scruffy Dragon Productions characters is how you all tend to re-imagine moves for characters beyond what is seen in their Capcom bases. May I ask how you plan to differentiate him from various Iron Man and War Machine characters already available for Mugen?

Well, first, all the animations will be different, floating walks, no energy based attacks and lots of weapons. Second, he will have smart palettes...and that´s always fun to have.

7) Any other specials and hyper ideas and concepts you care to share with the readers?

Nah, let it be a surprise for the Mugen fans.

8 ) What kind of intro/winpose might we see with him and Iron Man? Any other characters that might get similar treatment in that regard?

Have not thought of those yet.

9) What are your general thoughts on beta releases? Can you give a possible timetable on a beta to release and/or a goal for the full release?

No beta intended. Sorry, I am just not into beta releases.

For more information on War Machine:

Be sure to check out Scruffy Dragon's 12 days of Christmas Event to see if anything else is shared about him.

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