Monday, December 21, 2009

CVG United's Christmas Event, Day 1

Welcome to the first day of "Shove This Up Your Stocking", our Christmas event. I would first like to thank you all for checking us out today. I would also like to thank Sic-1 and the SGM team for kicking things off yesterday with their releases, stage updates, and announcements. And in the spirit of our triple threat collaboration effort, many thanks go out to the Scruffy Dragon Productions team who will also be announcing this event start. To find out more, take this link:
CVG Christmas, Day 1

Andersontavars is proud to announce his very first character release, Hercules. This is the first beta version of the character, so there will be many rough edges still. But please take into account this is his first character and this is the first beta release version as well. He was flanked by numerous Team CVG members to help sort out a few things. To download, click the image above or follow to his discussion topic:
Hercules Beta1 released!

aa250 graced us with an update he worked very hard on for months to update Kong's Magneto back during our Thanksgiving event. Well, he has done it again with another massive update. So many things he fixed and adjusted, that you will have to go to the main discussion link or the download location to check those things out. Either click the image above to download or follow to the discussion thread concerning all this:
Magneto v1.1 update by aa250

Spooky77 is showing off a brand new WIP of one of his favorite characters, Superman. Make sure you pay attention to the stage in the background, Daily Planet, as it is a teaser shot of a future release by Jor el. If you want to discuss this all, take this link:
Superman by Spook77

Team CVG would like to welcome it's newest Team member, deanjo2000. Many of you know him from his amazing work of the years in the comic Mugen community. Well, he now calls CVG United a home. To discuss the WIPs shown here, click their corresponding image above.

We had a great stage release for John Stewart by the Team CVG members this past Halloween. Well, Jor el made it even better. Too many things he adjusted to mention here, so find out what he did by going to the update topic on all of this or clicking the image to go to the download location:
GL John Stewart stage, Ground Zero updated!

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