Thursday, December 24, 2009

CVG United's Christmas Event, Day 4


Because Day 4 was our self proclaimed prelude day for Scruffy Productions 12 Days of Christmas event with Vixen and Jor El's awesome stages being set aside for scheduling to celebrate such due to just how highly we think of the items reserved for our host section to recognize that. They were flanked by XFields revealing the ProjectX trailer and BlizzardTora's surprise screenpack release. Thanks to you all. And do not forget, we appreciate thx138 and Zvitor's contributing Batgirl and ALEXZIQ's awesome update to Joker the day before. Discuss Day 4 here!
You may ask why I am putting this under Day 4. Well, it was because that was the original intent. But as the saying goes, better late than never and I know that no matter what day you downloaded Vixen, you'll be glad you did. To download, either click the image above or take her release discussion link: Vixen released by Trexrell and Yin

Special thanks to Jor El for bringing us 2 stages today. You saw a teaser of this video when Spooky77 showed off his Superman WIP. Well, now you can download this amazing stage. The next stage is Coasty City which starts off as the city's destruction, and then animates to where it is rebuilt with Green Lantern Constructs. To discuss the releases and find their download locations, take this link: Jor El releases Daily 
Planet and Coast City stages

Many thought ProjectX was dead until Zvitor started giving out information when discussng some WIPs and releases. Well, XFields, the ProjectX leader allows us to exclusively show off the trailer for CVG's Xmas party. Talk about the ProjectX video 

BlizzardTora surprises us all with his very first Mugen release, the v.8 beta of his CVGU War of Heroes screenpack. Thank you BT! Find the download location and discuss the release here!

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