Wednesday, December 23, 2009

CVG United's Christmas Event, Day 3

First off, special thanks to trexrell and TOPPER for the WIP reveal posts yesterday. We would also like to thank zvitor and Girlfriend's Lil Bro for allowing us to officially host their creations as part of our festivities. And if you have not checked out the Forum WIP topic, please do as its turned into quite the discussion. Also, due to technical issues that do not need to be mentioned any further, LTD's stages were taken offline. But we will update them as soon as possible and will address those issues. Today's format is going to be a little different due to my personal schedule. There will not be one blast stating everything all at once. Spooky and the rest of the people involved with Day 3 will handle things with whatever coming out over the course of the day. Without further ado... Batgirl Released by THX1138 and ZVitor released!!
Discuss her release here
An awesome update to an already awesome character. Numerous fixes were put in place, along with a brand new stance as you can see above. To see exact fixes stated, take the discussion link below. By the way, the biggest update is a brand new move courtesy of warecus and ALEXZIQ. Discuss the Joker update at: Joker Update thread Download at: Joker DL

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  1. batgirl looks great. definitely try that character out

    also, having direct experience with AlexIQ, I'd like to put it out there that he's a liberal elitist.