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WIP Focus: Rhino by Batzarro and MGMURROW

As you may remember Batzarro won the Mugen Tournament that ran on this blog a few weeks back. He is being rewarded by being able to choose what character's WIP gets spotlighted on this blog. I am grateful that he chose to spotlight one of his own WIPs: Rhino. He was even kind enough to give Volzzilla an interview concerning his Rhino WIP. Volzzilla's comments and questions are in bold and Batzarro's responses are unbolded.

Rhino was already an anticipated character, but being featured in this nature was solidified even further after Batzarro won the Mugen Madness Tournament. Part of his prize for that was this interview. However, odds are I would have been contacting him anyway, lol.

1) So how did you decide upon bringing Rhino to MUGEN?

Well, I think it first started with the general interest people showed for him when I showed off some of his sprite work. This even included a few of the head people at IMT and I got a lot of PMs about him asking if I was going to work on him. Since I had just finished work on Harley Quinn, I thought I'd take up the challenge. At first, it was pretty easy spriting him and all I really cared for was seeing that brute strength of his.

Once I read the two part special on him (Flowers for Rhino) though, that all changed. It was really well written and made you care so much for the character. This is what got me motivated most and it's what gave me the inspiration to do a lot more unique (and better) work on him.

2) Please share your thoughts about his general comic back history and about the character in general.

His actual name is Aleksei Sytsevich, a Russian native. From what I remember, he originally came into the crime business only looking to make some quick cash to help his family (or was it mother?) and became a guinea pig for the "rhino suit" experiment. Seems like he just got mixed up in the wrong things and Rhino is who he became.

Have been trying to read up on him more, but haven't found many comics with him in it. The most I guess I can really say on the character is he's big, strong, and not so bright. However, when it comes to the character, I'm not going to make him some big dumb goon.

3) Heh. So please tell the readers what bases you are using in regards to both the character and the various effects.

Well, he is for the most part, all Zangief, but frankensprited a lot though. There are also some pieces of T. Hawk and Raiden (CvS) in there too. Thought I would use more T. Hawk, but honestly, you don't think removing the vest and rebuilding what is missing will be such a problem until you get there.

Aside from that, I'm using some open source sprites (and some with permission) from various people. Not to mention some Rambi sprites from Donkey Kong as bases for my rhino (actual animal).

4) Actual Rhino? Now that is intriguing, but I’m cool with waiting to see what you mean J How is the progress going on him currently?

Progress is going really fast at the moment. Been busting out sprites for weeks now trying to get him ready (for myself and the general public).

For awhile there, I didn't have very much time to work on him at all, that's why it's taken much longer to get him beta ready then I had imagined.

I'd like to point out though, that this character would not be as great as he is if it weren't for the amazing coding skill of one MGMURROW. Guy can code fast when he gets to work and he can do some amazing stuff. So many, many thanks to him and the time he's put in helping Rhino come to life. I'll be sure to help him out as well for a long time to come whenever I can.

5) Okay, that is breaking news, how did this partnership with MGMURROW come about?

I knew MG was the one to code Rhino the moment he asked me about it. Loved his Hulk and aside from Vyn's Terry, Warner's Evil Homer, and Alucard's Thanos, he was one of the characters I used the most. So it was a big surprise and honor when MG messaged me about this. Wouldn't have it any other way, just think it's a perfect fit when we work together.

6) Very Nice! What has stood out the most during the creation process in a positive manner? What has been giving you the most trouble?

Getting constant feedback and support has stood out the most in a good way. There's this one guy going by the name of “galactus" that seems to be the biggest fan of this WIP. Can always be sure he'll have some supporting words. Acey tends to PM me every once in awhile about him as well, so I'm glad there's a lot of interest in him.

Most troubling would be creating new basic attacks. About half are from Zangief (with a little difference on some) and the other half are brand new. I just didn't want to see any chops coming from Rhino was the main thing.

7) How might we see you utilize the well-known durability into his special and hyper moves for attacks? How about his strength and speed? What other special and hyper moves that are totally unique can you share with the audience?

A few of his specials have already been seen and shown. Which would be his Battering Ram special (the straight head charge). Then there was also shown Stone Star (jumping and coming down at the opponent with a knee attack). Finally, there was The Gore (a bull-like head charge and toss over shoulders).

Aside from those specials that were already shown, I'd rather keep the rest a secret as to not give away too much before the video that will be coming up a bit before release. He will have a great single head charge hyper that will look different from the special though.

8) Do you have any special plans in regards to intros/exits with any other characters?

Definite special intro against Spider-Man. Was thinking of one against Dazzler, Hulk, and Thing would all be great possibilities as well. Most importantly (for me) is if he'd have some intros with Deadpool and Punisher.

Wasn't even thinking about Punisher, but his last few appearances were in War Journal, so that would be something great to look into.

Haven't really thought about exits though, but I would assume against all the mentioned people as well.

9) Can you give a possible timetable on a beta to release and/or a goal for the full release?

Beta, much sooner then you think!

Looking forward to it! Thanks for your time.

You can follow the progress of this character here:

For more info on the character’s comic history:

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  1. Sweet! We need a good Rhino char.
    There is already one out, but it is basically the hulk with no specials.