Thursday, May 7, 2009

Scruffy Dragon Anniversary Summary

Over at Scruffy Dragon, Magus has done us all a favor in summarizing what happened during April's Scruffyversary. It was awesome.

Week 0
-Treasure Hunt winner amarillo002
-ScruffyDragon 2009 Begins
-Zero Released By ArielAlexCo
-Pocket World Cards Marvel series by Arque

-Design a Stage for Parasite winner Gate
-Design an amalgam for Sandman/plasticman winner Hobgoblin
-Evil Character sprite edit winner Amon-Ra
-Champions premiation

Hall of Dragons Class 2009

Parasite Week
-Kickoff video
-Power Management
-Stolen power cavalcade
-Final Tease
-Parasite Released by Buyog and update

Amalgam Sic Graphics Week
-Ferroman 2.0 by Sic-1
-Thanoseid Teaser video by tenchimuyo4ever
-Realm of Dr Stangefate Stage by Sic-1
-A.O.S. Intro by twinimage
-A.O.S Beta ScreenPack Release! by Sic-1
-Thanoseid 0.8 character release by rozeros
-Iron Lantern Released by tenchimuyo4ever

Villain Week
-Dr Doom and Lobo stages released! by Magus
-Elektra beta by Buyog
-Pocket Joker by Sic-1 and Magus
-Characters Testing Video by Magus & McCready
-Sinestro Alpha 2 by Buyog and Larramones
-Savage Hulk Beta 2 released by Buyog and BobStarsky
-The Joker beta released by Larramones, Jeff & Magus

ScruffyDragon Creators Week
Kickoff Black Spider-man tease video by Seth Zankuten
Starfire Update by Hyper Combination Finish
Pocket Octagon by Lumina and Magus
Green Lantern Remix by Buyog, Arque and Enzo
Alkali Cataracts stage by Magus and Watchtower stage by McCready
Crystal Update by Magus, Smoggy and Jeff
Ice Update by Buyog and Sei
Captain America Bucky video tease by Alienmorph, Verz and Magus
Batman Released by Alucard

If you missed anything, get over to Scruffy Dragon as fast as you can.

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