Saturday, May 23, 2009

Release Season Roundup

Scruffy Dragon Production Releases

Parasite by Buyog
Castle Von Doom stage by Magus
Lobo Bar stage by Magus
Elektra by Buyog
Sinestro by Buyog and Larramones
Savage Hulk by Buyog and BobStarsky
The Joker by Larramones, Jeff, and Magus
Starfire by HyperCombinationFinish
Green Latern Remix by Buyog, Arque, and Enzo
Alkali Cataracts stage by Magus
Watchtower stage by McCready
Crystal by Magus, Smoggy, and Jeff
Ice by Buyog and Sei
Batman by Alucard

Sic Graphics Mugen Team Releases

FerroMan 2.0 by Sic-1 and R@ce45
Realm of Dr. Strangefate by Sic-1
Amalgam Age of Superheroes Beta Screenpack by Sic-1
Thanoseid by rozeros and Zvitor
Iron Lantern by tenchimuyo4ever, twinimage, and Sic-1
Gotham Rooftops by Sic-1
Ruins of Metropolis by Sic-1

Infinity Mugen Team Releases

Sentry by Acey
Sentry Tower stage by Acey
Captain Mar-Vell by Acey and Iron Fist
Maskless Wolverine by The Anvil, Kong, and Acey
Hulk 2099 by Acey and R@ce45
Incredible Hulk by Acey
Silver Surfer by Acey and xboy
Museum of Marvels stage by Acey
Hobgoblin by DarkTalbain and Acey
Wonderman by Zvitor, JasonTodd, and Daraku
Search for Wanda stage by L@nce Uppercut, AngelicCharon, and Zvitor
Psylocke by Sabaki
Wolvenom by DarkTalbain and Sabaki
Amazing Spiderman by Sludge, Acey, and JasonTodd
Brooklyn Bridge (Night) stage by Acey
Punisher by aPoCaLyPsE, Excursion, and WuCash
Super Marvel vs Capcom: Eternity of Heroes soundtrack by various artists
Rhino by Batzarro and MGMurrow
Rhino Rampage stage by Batzarro
Galactus by N64Mario, kalangueb, and Excursion

Independent Releases

Nightcrawler by Twinimage
Archangel by SOS_1_Bros and the IMT Community
Iron Man Z by 1%
Magneto by Nobuyuki
Symbiote Spiderman by Empawk

Oil Refinery to Raging Inferno (day) stage by MaxBeta
Oil Refinery to Raging Inferno (night) stage by MaxBeta
Sentinel Destruction stage by EXShadow

Mercury Screenpack 1.0 by Dragonesku
Marvel Portrait Packs by Shulbocka
DC Portrait Packs by Shulbocka

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