Monday, May 11, 2009

Mugen: Wonderman

I used to read comics in which Wonderman appeared a lot. I even collect his short-lived solo series during the Mid-1990s. I liked the character but his backstory and bio is very convoluted. You can read a summary at the following links:

There now exist a version of the character from the Infinity Mugen Team for Mugen. Some special features you can see implemented include (and I quote):

special intro vs
- hulk
-captain america
-miss marvel
special winpose vs miss marvel
and he has diagonal launch - stand strong punch and then hold up

Wonderman Mugen Versions



Image HostingZVitor, Jasontodd and Daraku7


Here is a video showing the character in action.

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  1. Thanks! That old version of him that I have sucks. But ZVitor is a master imo.
    Btw, whatever happened to his Hawkman release???