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Volzzilla's Mugen Reviews: Agony beta v.75 by TeamOmegaPwnageSupreme

Welcome to a new feature at Favorite Fiction Blog! I had been doing something like these reviews as part of my role with and was asked about maybe putting those same articles here as well. I guess you know how this discussion went considering this post, lol. So posts of this nature have also been done as part of CVGUnited.comwhich can be seen here:

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Sometimes I will have a video, sometimes I will not. Anyway, here is the review:

I usually do not review betas that clearly have more work on them to be done, but making a special case with Agony. This is because of a few reasons, good friends with the creators TeamOmegaPwnageSupreme (TOPS from here on out), how this independent character adds to the Spiderman mythos, and the fact that she may perhaps go unfinished. Those three reasons combined are why making this special case for a beta review.

There is quite a lot needed to be done, but that is usually the case of a beta at this point in its creative process. For the most part, I'm okay with the look, but not digging the weird dance she does in her stance. So you know, there are a few missing sprites, and the sound needs some work beyond general fight noises. She has an AI, but it could be a bit stronger.

Gameplay is where Agony stands out. TOPS has so far done a good job making unique symbiote moves for her that have not been seen thus far in Mugen. And best of all, they are all very easy to pull off and receptive to boot.

- Spin Attack: Basic symbiote spinning attack
- Acid Spit: Projectile attack
- Splitz: Special kicking attack
- Scream Helper #1
- Scream Helper #2
- Super Spin Attack: Stronger version of the special attack
- Super Hammer: Large symbiotic hammer slams on opponent

The main issues with her are the aesthetics as mentioned above, so do not need to go into detail about those again. I just hope those get finished somehow...same with the sound. The AI could use a little more work as she could put her special and hyper attacks to a little better usage. Hopefully Wallcrawler finishes her off as TOPS said, as this character shows a lot of potential. Until then, the smooth gameplay is enjoyable.

You can download her at:

My score: 7, based off gameplay, potential, and originality by an independent

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