Friday, August 21, 2009

Infinity Mugen Team WIPs

As stated before, doing a change in how the WIP board is posted about here at Favorite Fiction Blog to focus more on each website. This installment shows many of the WIPs that are publicly discussed at IMT primarily.

Angel/Archangel by Apocalypse

Bane by Batzarro

Batman by the Infinity Mugen Team

Birdy by Alex87, daraku

Boomer by Z999

Captain America by Acey

Col. America, Zombie by x_mad80

Constantine by Navsmed and Turbanator

Doomsday by gyokland

Forge by The Anvil

Hawkman by ZVitor

Jubilee by The Anvil

Morph by The Anvil, Acey

Poison Ivy by Dead-X and Batzarro

Polaris by Warecus, ZVitor

Rhino by Batzarro, MGMurrow

Riddler by ColdPyro

Scarecrow by Turbanator, beast96240 &

Scarlet Spider by Lasher

Supergirl by esn23, ALEXZIQ

The Maxx by Apocalypse

Tombstone by as_Striker

Two-Face by IMT Community

Ultimate Thor by MugenMaster44

White Queen by esn23

Yellowjacket by Noldor

Zombie Spider-Man by Jmills

1 comment:

  1. angel, Bane, Birdy, Forge, Jubilee, Morph, Poison Ivy, Polaris, Rhino, Riddler, Scarecrow, Supergirl, White Queen, and zombie spiderman are DAMN impressive.

    The Maxx, Tombstone, and Batman are all crap. Here is the definitive batman, second character down below Superman