Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Release: The Atom by AngelEcks

In honor of the upcoming Scruffyversary, AngelEcks has released his very first character, The Atom. Here is a video I made of all of his moves in action, followed by a written discussion on the character.

Because of the release on April 1st, some might think this is an April Fools joke character, but trust me, the joke will be on you if you do not download him. To help his friends at Scruffydragon celebrate Scruffyversary, AngelEcks has released The Atom today. He handled all of the sprites and code (with help from the DCvM template.) And this was all done in 3 weeks!

He is a member of The Unlimited team, so all of his sprites are very nice looking. Though he does say that he'd like to do some sprite clean up in the next update. The sound that is used is pretty good, but I would not mind a few more audio clips. The AI puts up a pretty good fight, though some of his specials and hypers could be done used a little more in that regard.

The moves are very good and highly representative of the actual Ray Palmer. I thoroughly enjoy the ability to shift into the sub atomic realm for movement and to set up attacks. And due to the use of the DCvM template, they are all highly responsive and easy to pull off.
- Mite-Punch: Charging punch with sub-atomic strength. Power dependent on punch button used
- Mite-Kick: Sub-atomic strength kick from the air
- Subatomic: Shrink and quickly regrow to knock back your enemy
- Sub-Atomic Side-Step: Step in to the sub-atomic realm to avoid attacks. Holding the kick button down allows you to stay small while still keeping the ability to move right and left
- Atomic-Punch: Hyper version of Mite-Punch
- Sub-Atomic Surprise: Hyper version of Sub-Atomic Side-Step, but you move faster when smaller and when you release the kick button, he attacks with a powerful punch
- Sub-Atomic Adventure: Ride the bloodstream of the target to cause internal damage
- Indigo Lantern Hyper: Tap into the power of another Lantern for an attack

I really like this character a lot, but there are a few issues. For instance, a few more sprites on a couple animations would help fill out those actions a little more. Also, as stated above, I wish his AI would take advantage of his other special and hyper moves a little more. Especially Sub-Atomic Side-Step as that move is very unique and a blast to use when you play with him, opening up numerous strategies for the player. So if the AI could tap into that, it'd be really cool. There is a sprite alignment issue in Sub-Atomic Surprise to where if you are on the opposite side of the opponent in which you initiated the move and then release the kick button for attack, you will be facing the wrong direction. I'd also like to see Indigo Lantern hyper support for Guy Gardner. There is also a confusing typo in the readme where Mite-Kick should say D, DF, F + K in air instead of using P button. Not a big fan of having to be so close for the Sub-Atomic Adventure hyper to activate, plus I think it could be embellished a bit more as it is a great concept. Finally, some of the clsn boxes could use some refinement. Those things can be looked past though as he is fun to play with and I'm highly looking forward to his updates.

You can download him at:

You can check out this listing at CVG United's Character Review Database to give your own score, as well as post any feedback you may have.;sa=view;down=158

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