Friday, April 23, 2010

Lex Luthor updated to v1.5 for Scruffyversary

Download Location listed below: As part of 2010's Scruffyversary Blackest Night week event, Buyog has updated Lex Luthor. He has handled the bulk of the code, and Enzo the bulk of the sprites, but both were flanked by members of the Scruffy Dragon team and forum community.

The sprites look great and just like you would imagine Lex Luthor would look. I especially love the glow effect added to the brand new Oranger Lantern mode which is the main feature of this update. The only sprites I'm not big on is the stance as his lower body just looks a little stiff to me. The sound clips, which were also part of this update, are way above and beyond. His AI might be a little tough to some, but he does use all of his special and hyper moves to the best of his ability.

Every move created for Lex fits perfectly and really gives you a sense of the comic character. All of the moves are very responsive to command, and most are easy to pull off. I am however not a fan of the command string used for Nanite Swarm, so I edited it.

- Kryptonite Ray: Projectile beam with 3 different versions depending on punch button used. Can be done in the air.
- Stiletto Blades: Combination slash attack
- Electrified Armor: Can electrocute upon touch
- Tyrant Drill: Kicking attack. Can be done in the air
- Flamethrower: Projectile flame attack
- Energy Shield: Adds super armour ability
- Failsafe Emission: Powerful energy shockwave attack
- Nanite Storm: Sends nanites after opponent
- Kryptonic Attack: Hyper beam projectile attack
- Tyrant Finisher: Combination rushing punch attack
*Orange Lantern mode*
Moves that can be done only in this mode
- Orange Lantern Kryptonite Ray: Draws the opponent closer. Can be done in the air.
- Greedy Embrace: Grabs the opponent and squeezes with large hand constructs
- Personal Superhero: Creates a construct of Superman who attacks

I love this character but he has a few issues. As privately conveyed to Buyog w/an image, he was seen air-walking in AI testing. The Greedy Embrace special can be an infinite if the player times it perfectly due to not enough time for the opponent to recover. It also looks like he becomes unhitable when Greedy Embrace misses. And the AI can spam Kryptonite Ray a bit. The thing that stands out the most is how the damage can get a little out of hand from various moves being strung together. And the AI can really abuse this with how it can combine moves like Kryptonite Ray with Personal Superhero in a way a human player cannot. But I still like this character very much and I highly recommend him to everyone. Especially how Orange Lantern mode is utilized from the recent Blackest Night comics, making him more unique and fun to use.

You can download him at:

You can check out this listing at CVG United's Character Review Database to give your own score, as well as post any feedback you may have.,5197.0.html

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