Monday, May 9, 2011

CVG Fest, Days 12 & 13

CVG Fest is almost over! Track everything that has happened and is released by clicking this link or the pic below: CVG Fest 2011 is almost over!!

Robin has gotten a major update courtesy of Alexziq and the LOTDK team. To find out what is new, take the following link, and you can download by clicking on the pic of him: Major Robin Update

CVG United is re-kickstarting the Hellboy WIP. After watching the video, click here to find out more: Project Hellboy, starting over

Long ago we got permission by Binho to host his characters used in the MKvMarvel project. The set is now complete. To find out more and the download location click the image

Now announcing Mugen Madness v3.0 where you have AI fighters represent forum members in a tournament. Click the image to select your fighter or find out more

Here is a better look at the next char, who like Kl'rt will be transferred to the CVG template from the full project, for individual release: CVG Nova Video Preview

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