Saturday, May 7, 2011

CVG Fest, Day 10

CVG Fest is underway! Track everything that happens and is released by clicking this link or the pic below: CVG Fest 2011!

Check out this brand new character from Diegoni, with help from aa250, for the MKvMarvel project. Download Raiden by clicking his pic, and discuss it here: Raiden by Diegoni released

We have been very fortunate to have a good relationship with Nestor and the Capcom Fighting All Stars project. As part of our birthday event, he is showing off a preview video of many of their stages and one of their more anticipated characters. Watch the video here, or take this link to do so and then talk about it: CFAS Preview video of Morrigan and Project Stages

Progress is building with the MKVMarvel Project Roster. Click on the link below to find out. And for more project news: MKvMarvel News

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