Wednesday, May 11, 2011

CVG Fest, The Finale

CVG Fest is over! Track everything that happened and was released by clicking this link or the pic below: CVG Fest 2011 is over!!

CVG United's most popular WIP ever since it was announced, gets its first release to end CVG Fest. The Arlequin worked very hard and put a lot of passion for Spawn into the sprites. Then a team of coders pulled it all together. I think you'll love what they came up with. To download, click the image. And you can talk about the release here: Spawn by The Arlequin and Team CVG released!!

The pairings have been announced for Mugen Madness v3.0. Check them out and find out how *you can be participate* in 2 mini-games associated with the tournament by clicking the image

Here is another surprise. Blagoy has been working hard on his Major Force WIP. Well, take a look at what he has so far, then talk about it at: Video Preview of Major Force

In an absolute surprise release, Zox has decided to share the beta of his WIP, Simon Belmont in his Project topic. Click the image to find the download location and talk about it all

Do you need help replacing your portraits in Mugen? If so, click: Mugen Portrait Replacement Tutorial

I present to you my 3rd portrait pack of CVG Fest. No real theme this time other than converting images I like into usable portraits. Follow the link to talk about the release and find the DL by clicking the image

Thank you to kyoman for updating his Rock of Eternity stage. To find the DL and talk about it, click the image

Mugen Ninja has released another stage, this time with a birthday theme. Click the pic to find the DL and talk about it

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