Tuesday, May 3, 2011

CVG Fest, Day 6

CVG Fest has begun! Track everything that happens and is released by clicking this link or the pic below: CVG Fest 2011 is Here!!!

Kl'rt, aka CVG Skrull, and the only character from the Shi'ar Invasion project to get an individual release before, gets a bunch of game play fixes. Find out everything that has changed by clicking the link, while you can DL him when clicking the image: Kl'rt gets a major gameplay update

We told you when he was ready, bdc would make a full forum section for his project you've seen. Click Shi'ar Invasion to check it out. And after you watch this video reveal of the boss, you can talk about that here: Video reveal of the Shi'ar Invasion project boss, Vulcan

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