Thursday, November 26, 2009

CVG's Thanksgiving, Day 3

Thank you all for making yesterday such a success. I think Guy Gardner is shaping up nicely as you could see in the beta release. And you got to love a new style of stage being released by Los Tha Don. CVG's appreciation also goes out to Heka and the CFAS team to give us a couple more things to host too. Finally, what an awesome display in that Supergirl video...just wow.

Now we have some good news and bad news...bad news first. Our original planned finale is going to fall short a little from initial plans. CVG's intentions were to release not one, but two brand new characters for you in Batman and Batman Beyond. There was also a plan for the Legends of the Dark Knight Screenpack release. But unfortunately, technical issues prevented all of those things from happening. But that leads into the good news to be discussed after the break.
Thanksgiving Release Event Day 3

The good news is, expect our Christmas event to be even that much more epic as all of those things will be ready by then. Not to mention a bunch of other things we are planning for you. Our hope is to make it our biggest event yet. So keep an eye on us for all that until then.
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A look at phase 2 of the new Bane for the Legends of the Dark Knight Project. Also a sneak peek at some new intros for Batman at the tail end. Also check out the some new features in the screen pack. Set to the 1992 classic from KMFDM "Go to Hell" Fitting for a world traveling gun for hire like Bane. Take the following link to discuss the video: Bane Preview Video

In a surprise release, aa250, the best Mugen News Reporter anywhere who happens to also report for CVG United, has broken into the creation business. He has been working very hard for 4 monthes to fix Kong's Magneto. When you follow the link, you will see all of the updates he made:
Take this link to discuss Magneto by Kong and aa250


I'm sure most of you loved the updates Jor El came up with for his previous stages that we showed off on Day 1. Well, this is his first brand new release in a very long time. It is still a WIP, but he was so excited about it, he wanted to release the beta version. You all will recognize it from the Phoenix preview video also shown on Day 1. Tell us what you think about the stage here:
Discuss the Asteroid M release

Did you know that trexrell is brand new to sprite editing? You wouldn't know it with his incredible work on Vixen as not only does she look great, but he works so fast. Then toss in the fact that his actual fiance Yin has caught the same creation bug, and you see the great progress shown in this video. Can't wait to see more from this pair on her and anything else they work on in the future. You can find the WIP topic here:
Vixen by trexrell and Yin


Among CVG's many blessings we are truly thankful for is being good friends with Mugen Superhero Zvitor. He has been gracious enough to allow us not only to use his awesome Spiderman in the Crisis project, but now we can officially host him here as well. Thank you Zvitor! To talk about all this, follow the link:
Spiderman by zvitor now hosted here

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