Monday, November 23, 2009

Apologies from Volzzilla

I'd like to apologize for being a little absent here late. Doing whatever with CVG is very time consuming, not to mention, I have every day stresses in real life like the rest of you.

I've been busy trying to organize a few things, including something I'll talk about later in this message. Not to mention the fact I've been trying (emphasis on trying, add the descriptor futile attempts) to break into sprite editing. It's very hard. I promise you there are three very exciting WIP Focus articles coming soon...all thats left is the editing.

Also, Mugen Madness 2.0 sort of got forgotten here. Many at CVG know what happened, but here is the fight for the rest of you:

Onto that announcement....

That's right, having a big Thanksgiving release party starting tomorrow and it will last through til the actual Turkey day, which will be the big finale. Hope to see you all at CVG United!

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