Wednesday, November 25, 2009

CVG's Thanksgiving, Day 2

Lots of stuff yesterday, so I hope you had as much fun as we did. I like the new banners, board icons and those new games. Not to mention the videos looked great too. And every single one of those stage updates by Jor El were incredible. Below you will see what is on tap for today.
Thanksgiving Release Event Day 2

Many of you liked that preview video of the latest beta of Guy Gardner. Well, that was just a prelude to this release. He is much more complete, but JasonTodd still has further plans for him, hence the beta tag remaining. To download him, click the image of Guy Gardner above. And to discuss this release, go here: Guy Gardner Beta Released!

Los Tha Don, our GFX Admin not only makes incredible avatars (go request one now from him) and banners, but he has also taken to making stages. His favorite style of stage creation is in Hi-Res and adding a distant aspect so as more of the stage can be seen and to give a better look. His very first stage in this manner is his TMNT Dojo. To download, click it's image or: Follow this link

Check out this amazing video of Supergirl by Toni. He was kind enough to make this exclusively for our party. We already know he is an incredible sprite artist as she looks as if she was ripped directly from the cartoon series, but seeing her in action looks that much more sweet! Supergirl by Toni WIP

JasonTodd has told us he wants to run a unique contest for the rest of the year. He will choose one general forum member who has proven themselves to be the most active regarding a presence here at CVG United and allow them to choose a comic character that he will then create. That sounds like it could be quite interestering. JasonTodd's Create a Character for you Contest

Early on in CVG United's history, we formed a pretty tight relationship with Nestor and his Capcom Fighting Allstars project. This has not only led to his both projects sharing a couple characters in the future but him allowing us to host an exciting recent release of his, Viewtiful Joe. Thank you Nestor! To get him, click the image above or: Download him here

One of my favorite stages released not too long ago was Star Labs by Heka and kain the supreme. Well, they have been gracious enough to allow us to host this great looking stage. To download it, click the image above or: Click here

Discuss Day 2 of the Thanksgiving Event Here!

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