Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mugen Multiverse Grand Opening, Day 2

The Mugen Multiverse is now open!!! You can talk about it here: The Mugen Multiverse Grand Opening

Here is the very first look at She-Hulk by cravd and Arkady. All of the sprites are completely hand drawn and custom created. The intention is to make her like her MvC3 counterpart. Watch the video, then talk about it here: WIP Reveal w/Video Preview: She-Hulk by cravd and Arkady

T.O.P.S has updated Carnage. He improved the sprite work and shading as well as added a couple new moves to go along w/his own AI and combo changes. To find out more, click: Carnage Updated Release

Watch this video of 2 characters you will soon be able to download here. One updated, the other brand new. Then talk about it at: Carnage vs Scream: Video Preview of 2 chars you will have soon

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