Tuesday, February 16, 2010

MUGEN Tutorial - Manuallly Controlling Characters

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I've recently been asked how to setup MUGEN so that characters can be controlled by human beings. I decided to share my answer in case anyone else needs it. Here is the way question is phrased:

Subject: Mugen

hello Marcus
a question
i have some mugen characters that controlled only the cpu
do you know how can i controll them?
othe thing
i have some stages that don't work for me
do you know how to fix it??
thank you and bless

Well, Carlos the keey is the Options menu. The Program is first designed to be controlled using Keyboard stokes, but I find that difficult So I prefer to use a USB control pad. You can't use the joystick/gamepad until you have to set MUGEN to use it. Here is how you set it up:

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