Thursday, February 11, 2010

Grudge Match - Superman vs Iron Man

I know the answer seems obvious to the question of if Iron Man can beat Superman. But let's give Tony Stark the one piece of information he would need to win: the fact that Superman's powers are lessened under the light of a red sun! Given this, I'm sure Tony could on the fly modify his energy weapons to operate in the same energy pattern as red sun and kick Superman's big red...oh will, I staged a fight under computer control and what follows is what I got.

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1 comment:

  1. This doesn't wash; if Red Sun radiation could be duplicated with earth technology, Lex Luthor , Brainiac and Batman, would have done it long before this hypothetical fight. They have technoly that is either equal to or greater than what Tony Stark has at his disposal. What Iron Man does other wise is lob bombs, missles and death rays at Superman, standard fare to which he is immune. And Iron Man would not last half a round against Superman in hand to hand combat. This is just an incredibly uneven fight. Superman wins.