Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween from CVG United!

Happy Halloween from CVG United!

To celebrate Halloween, Team CVG is going to hand out treats to you. Discuss this here

We'll get things started with a treat of the very first ever Spawn stage for Mugen, Evil Night Park by The Arlequin and Los Tha Don. Click the image above or download it: Here

Treat #2 is a long awaited Green Lantern John Stewart stage, Ground Zero, by Flamekyo, Los Tha Don and To download it, either click the image above or: Get It Here!

Also, to add to our anime stable of characters, Toni is allowing us to host his Ranma-Chan character. Download her by clicking the image above or: This link

And do not forget the recent update to the Operation Genosha (Sentinel stage) by sensai yoda that was also uploaded for our Halloween celebration. Either click the image above or: Download Here

Finally, guest browsing of the CVG United has been turned on completely. So if you've not joined our community yet, feel free to look around as much as you like. Hopefully, some of you will want to stick around. Discuss our Halloween Celebration here

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