Monday, September 14, 2009

Mugen: Green Goblin

Green GoblinImage by TCM Hitchhiker via Flickr

The Green Goblin is Spider-man's greatest enemy short of Venom. It's no surprise that this was the villain chosen for the first live-action Spider-man movie. He has enhanced speed, reflexes, strength - and insane! For years I'd say he was Spider-man's greatest enemy because in one of the early stories, he disabled Spider-man's spider-sense using a gas and then just followed him around until he saw Spider-man take his mask off. Then Spider-man found out later that the Green Goblin is really Norman Osborn - the father of his best friend, Harry! So for years, Spider-man fought this guy with the knowledge that when this guy had all his memories he could have revealed Peter Parker to the World at any time and that he didn't want to kill his best friend's father! Talk about high drama! And I think it's one of the greatest story arcs that Stan Lee ever wrote when he was on the book. Things have gotten even more convoluted about Norman Osborn in recent years.

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Acey over at Infinity Mugen Team has brought the Green Goblin to MUGEN and it is an awesome character. HE is extremely fun to play with. I really recommend downloading and playing with this character! You can download him from the Infinity Mugen Team website like I did.

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  1. you forgot to mention the SOUND WORK was done almost ENTIRELY by ME, and you SHOULD post this updated version

  2. Sorry. I didn't know you did the sound work. I thought that the one I used was the latest one. Thanks for pointing out those facts.