Monday, December 15, 2008

A Mugen Tool

I have about 1000 mugen characters and sometimes I like to mix up and change my rosters. It's not easy to unzip the engine, character, screenpacks, and stages by hand, and then make the hand edits to the files for my preferences. I could not find a tool to do it for me so I wrote one in VB.Net. It allows a user to build instances of Mugen in lots of customizable ways:

1. You can choose the screenpack from a directory called "ScreenPacks".
2. Just place all the stages you want into a directory called stages.
3. Characters into a directory called "Characters".
4. Each of these directories must be in the same directory.
5. The content may be compressed into Winzip or WinRAR files....does not matter.
6. When the Program is done, a fully usable game is available.

Here is a video of the program in action building a game using the "Fighting Jam" screen pack and just my Marvel and DC Characters. The video also shows the file structure of the source material. On my main blog I will make a post later with a detailed user's guide. If anyone is interested in the software or has a suggestion of features or questions of any kind, just let me know.

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