Monday, December 29, 2008

Mugen: Aquaman

Okay, let me be honest. I've always, when I was a child, thought that Aquaman was a joke! I didn't take him seriously and neither did anyone else. Like Robin, I thought that he was in the Justice League as some kind of "affirmative action: He was their water guy. Of course, I wondered what they needed him for because Superman was breathing underwater and in space! Talking to fish? Right. I mean he is useless unless there is water around somewhere. What a difference 3o years make. I find that i have to take back every negative thing I ever said about Aquaman. I think what has changed is how the character is handled. He's got an attitude. They gave him more of a personality. He seems like someone who really could go up to Superman and tell him what he thinks. He acts like he really rules 3/4 of the earth. Being King of the world's seas and oceans mean exactly that he controls 3/4 of the planet.Writers are also giving him a cause. Of course someone like him would want to protect the world's any means neccessary. He's a king. Of course he'd feel like he could dictate terms...leading him into conflict with other members of the Justice League. I think that if was pure genius the way Aquaman has been handled in animation since mid 1990's in Superman:TAS, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, and Batman: The Brave and The Bold. I have found 2 distinct versions of Aquaman for Mugen. Here is my compare/contrast table (Remember it is a relative scale 1- 10):

Aquaman Mugen Versions
ImageCreatorFun Factor AILookDownload

I want to be fair concerning Erradicator's version by admitting that I have a bias against the "classic" version of Aquaman. I prefer the bearded, hard-core version. As for how they fight, I tested them the same way I tested the other: Computer controlled against each other. The following is a playlist of that test.

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  1. its not last version...
    u can find last at infinitymugemteam. com