Sunday, January 2, 2011

Merry Christmas from CVG, Part 3

CVG's Shove this up your Stocking Xmas Event Begins Now!!! Click the image below to follow everything that happens...

A very different Bane is in store for you today courtesy of Jmaxximus and Alexziq, with help from aa250. Find out for yourself about the new moves, improved sprites and bug fixes by clicking the image. And you can talk about it all here: Bane gets a major update!

Diegoni has pumped out an update for Kung Lao with the help of aa250! Download by clicking the image below and talk about him here: Kung Lao Update By Diegoni Updated again December 30th, 2010

Trexrell shows off plans for sprite upgrades to future characters. Click any image below to find out more

REDZ reveals a new WIP! Black Mask! Talk about him here: Black Mask WIP Reveal By REDZ

Mr. Fantastic has never looked so good after another update. And by following the topic about it, you will find out news planned for the future too. Download by clicking the image and find out more info at this link: Reed Richards updated by aa250

The fastest moving WIP here at CVG United shows off all that hard work in this video. You can talk about it all in this topic: Scarecrow WIP Video preview by AxKeeper

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