Monday, January 3, 2011

Merry Christmas from CVG, Part 4

CVG's Shove this up your Stocking Xmas Event Begins Now!!! Click the image below to follow everything that happens...

Here's another gift from Arlequin and the CVG team. A preview of Spawn! Talk about it here: The Arlequin's Spawn Preview

Happy Birthday to The Arlequin! To celebrate, he wanted me to release his beta version DCvM screenpack. To find the DL location, talk about the release, and/or say Happy B-day yourself, go here: CVG's DCvM Hi-Res Screenpack by The Arlequin released

Get ready for such a massive update to Guy Gardner, that he is basically an all new character. Alexziq and warecus worked very hard with help from aa250 and JasonTodd to where you will get a facet of Guy's entire comic history (including recent stuff) in his Mugen incarnation. Click the image to download, and talk about it here: Green Lantern Guy Gardner gets a major update!

Day 9 of our Shove This Up Your Stocking event involves massive forum updates. Discuss the changes Spooky made here: CVG United forum 2.0

Check out daraku's latest WIP, Lodestone from Doom Patrol (DC Comics). Credit to ShunAdromeda for initial concept and the bulk of the sprites. To find out more, click the image

Thank to kyoman for getting involved in our party and releasing the latest stage for the Legends of the Dark Knight project. Download by clicking the image and take this link to talk about it: kyoman releases Gotham City, Museum stage

Get ready for a holiday Skrull Invasion! Both Super Skrulls have better gameplay, numerous bug fixes, move alterations/improvements and more. Click the image for more info and the download locations.

Check out this special sneak peek video of a couple WIPs here at CVG. To find out more: Mugen WIP Video Previews: Bullseye and Angel

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