Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mugen Collection Apps

I've been working on a new way to keep track of installed mugen characters and display them. To this end, I have working Android, and web application that displays a the characters I have installed. As a service to my blog readers, a graphic of the character is displayed as long as a download link. I intend to put all of my characters in the list. This is only a partial list. The list is also available as a table. The list is by far not complete or finish. I ask for your forgiveness and patience if you think there is wrong information. I would appreciated it you would make suggestions correcting errors or adding more information and I would like to make corrections as soon as I can. These tools are free. This is the first step to a comprehensive system that will analyze a Mugen folder on a PC and generate apps like these specific to that Mugen game structure.

Silverlight Web App

Be patient, it'll take a few minutes to load. In a bout 20 days I will need to reload it because the trial controls will expire but I wanted to see what the blog readers think of a format like this.Ignore the snag message by just clicking the "x" on its upper right corner..

Android App

If you prefer to use your Android device you can use the QR code below to download it to your phone. You can use the app to access this blog or the table on your phone. You can't download characters but you can see most of the same features as the web application implementation in Silverlight.

Here is a video of the App in action.

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