Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving from CVG United

Happy Thanksgiving from CVG United! Click the image below for more info

Diegoni has released his 3rd Mortal Kombat character for the MKvMarvel project. Download him by clicking the image and talk about the release by following the link: Kung lao by Diegoni released

Ever needed help with coding a character? Well, thanks to ALEXZIQ, bdc and aa250, much of the work is done for you. Download by clicking the image and talk about it here: CVG Character Creation Template Tool released

Watch this new video of Shocker by BigPimp and Demonkai and talk about it here: Shocker video update

Click the image below to talk about the progress on Captain Marvel shown off by JasonTodd, Devsman, and deanjo200.

Help CVG united reach various forum milestones to give more to a charity for needy children. Click here for more info: CVG United's Christmas Charity Donation Challenge

New WIPs added to the Crisis project. To find out more, click the image or here: New additions to the Crisis project

Thank you to luisinho42 for compiling the latest Char Review Database Rankings November 23rd Review Database Rankings Discussion

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