Monday, November 1, 2010

CVG United's Halloween Trick or Treat event, Day 1

Welcome to CVG United's Halloween Trick or Treat event. Click the image below for more info

To start off the TRICK or Treat event, BDC is proud to announce the alpha releases of four character WIPs; M.O.D.O.K., Superskrull, Nova and Gladiator. To talk about their releases and find the download files, click either image below or take this link: BDC TRICK or Treat releases

Trick or Treating continues courtesy of aa250 (with special help from arkadyrossovitch on help with Archangel, and to SOS1bros and zvitor for permission to edit their chars). Download whichever Archangel or Reed Reed Richards by clicking their image below and you can talk about the updates by taking the corresponding links: aa250 and arkadyrossovitch update Archangel and/or Reed Richards updated again by aa250

CVG would like to thank forum community friend kyoman for releasing the newest stage for the Legends of the Dark project. Download it by clicking one of the images below and talk about the release here: kyoman releases Gotham Sewage Treatment stage

Check out this new WIP reveal by daraku and alexbunton by clicking this link or the image below: Star Sapphire WIP

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